The Best Spa in Las VegasĀ  The Mandarin Oriental New Experience

Mandarin Oriental in Vegas aims to offer sophisticated, modern luxury and its ‘uplifting yet relaxing’ spa follows this aspiration. If you’re someone who likes the classical, marble/fountain feel of a spa then maybe this one is not for you and you may be better off going to the Mandalay Bay Spa, for example. But if you’re after ‘chic’ then you’ll enjoy the modern yet ‘retro’ feel of this 27,000-square-foot spa: its interior boasts ‘natural lighting’, which you will really enjoy and its d? cor may remind you of a 1930’s art gallery with Asian undertones, mostly because of its purple, olive and fuchsia accent colours, the occasional Asian-style art, its gray marble and its dark wood.

This Las Vegas spa really tries to offer a unique experience through its floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light in and fantastic views of Las Vegas from almost everywhere. The comfortable, reclining lounge chairs are a great relaxing start, from which you can sip your tea and relax, whilst admiring great views of the Vegas Strip.

But here you will find all that a luxurious, modern spa in Vegas (or anywhere else) has to offer and much more:
– an ‘experience shower’, offering five different ‘journeys’, each providing different lights, sounds and scents. You can go through them all or experience one every time you have been in the steam room or Jacuzzi areas
– temperature-controlled relaxing chairs, recommended to recover from jet lag in a room overlooking the city of Las Vegas. You may want to opt of this first or last, depending on your level of jet-lag. If you have a day pass you may want to do this first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.
– a heated relaxation room overlooking the views

– a welcome tea ritual with a heated towel, the latter aimed at helping your neck to relax
– vitality pools, ice fountains and the omnipresent steam rooms
You will be given (as in every other quality Vegas spa) slippers, luxurious robes (these ones are black) and a complimentary toiletries bag you can use when you leave Vegas and reminisce of the pampering experience Mandarin Oriental provided.
Hours of Operations of the Mandarin Oriental Spa/Gym: delightfully, this spa is open from 9am to 9pm and, just as delightfully, the modern gym is open from 6am to 9pm, as a nice change from some competitors (which close far too early!).